SC 204 – IT’S ELEMENTARY: Human Existence and the Chemical Elements – Part 2. Class presentation available.

Everything we experience, including our very existence, depends on the properties of 118 kinds of substances, the chemical elements. These classes are about the ways that the properties of specific elements enable humans to accomplish their purposes. In Part One of the series (Spring 2015), we discussed elements used to accomplish homicide and to achieve communication at a distance. Topics for Part Two might include elements used for cosmetics; Fourth of July pyrotechnics; constructing buildings or bridges; transmitting and storing value (money); creating illumination; generating and storing electrical energy; creating jewelry; storing and retrieving digital information; personal transportation; human, animal, or plant nutrition; treating disease; creating prosthetic replacements for humans ….in fact, for accomplishing any human purpose that the use of materials can achieve.

The topics for the Fall 2015 classes will be selected based on the preferences expressed by attendees of the Spring 2015 classes.

Presenter: John Bush, Ph.D. Chemistry, is an OLLI Science Committee member who has organized and presented a number of OLLI science classes.

Class Presentation: Batteries Elements


John Bush and James Boire


Fridays, October 2 and 9

1:30 – 3:30 PM


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

(SC 203) The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders – Part 3. Class presentations available


These classes are based on Great Courses video lectures by geology Professor Michael Wysession. Experiencing the lectures on which these classes are based is rather like making a tour of picturesque places with a knowledgeable geologist as a companion. Each lecture provides an account of the human significance of the region, as well as a description of the geological phenomena that are responsible for the interesting features. The concepts of plate tectonics provide unifying explanations for much of the spectacular geology. There will be time for questions and discussion in each class session, led by members of the OLLI Science Committee.

Friday, October 2: Extreme Lakes (Kawah Ijen), Saltwater Lakes (Dead Sea), Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni)

Class Presentations:

  1. DJP Pres
  2. Kawa Ijen

Friday, October 9: Geysers and Hot Springs (Yellowstone), Mid-ocean Ridge Islands (Iceland), Atolls (The Maldives)

Class Presentation: TBA

Friday, October 16: Major Deserts (Namib/Kalahari), Desert Oases (Siwa), Geologic Mini-Wonders (a montage)

 Class Presentation: TBA

Presenter: (via Great Courses DVD): Michael E. Wysession, Ph.D.,

Professor of Geophysics, Washington University, Saint Louis

Developers/Discussion Leaders:

John Bush and Gary Oberts and OLLI Science Committee members


Fridays, October 2, 9 and 16

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

AH 101 – Interpreting Ancient Coins. Class presentation available.


The dating of ancient societies and cultures relies on many factors and includes information from multiple sources. Noted art historian and author Jean Stern discussed the important role ancient coins play in this critical archeological process and explained how the dates and mint marks on Roman coins allow scientists to not only date the site and structures where they were discovered, but also help to reconstruct the trade patterns and social interactions of these ancient communities.

The presentation included coins from Mr. Stern’s extensive collection as well as slides of ancient coins from Greece, Rome, Asia Minor and other Mediterranean cultures. He highlighted and discussed the legends depicted on each coin and the coin’s unique artistic merit.

Presenter: Jean Stern

is the Executive Director of the Irvine Museum and a highly-recognized authority on California Impressionism. He has extensive experience as an author, curator, lecturer, and teacher, and has established a national reputation for the Irvine Museum through an acclaimed international series of books, exhibitions, lectures, articles and video documentaries.

Class Presentation: Interpreting Ancient Coins


Judy Strauss


Tuesday, September 29

10:00 AM – 12 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

SS 320: Forty Years of Vietnamese – American History. Further information on Vietnamese History Class and discount offer to Vietgone at SCR.

For those who attended the Vietnamese – American history class and for all OLLI Members, more information  and discount play information from the presenter:

Dr. Thuy Vo Dang, Ph.D.

Orange County & Southeast Asian Archive Center

UCI Libraries Special Collections & Archives

P.O. Box 19557

Irvine, CA 92623


New bookVietnamese in Orange County

For more information on line here are some links:

UCI Libraries Southeast Asian Archive (SEAA) links:

  1. Official Website:
  2. View digital content from our collections here:
  3. Vietnamese American Oral History Project:
  4. SEAA Facebook Page:

Discount offer to see a play about the  Vietnamese Immigrant experience in the USA at Southcoast Repertory. Dr. Vo Dang was instrumental in creation and production of this fascinating play.  

Additional information about restaurants and events involved with the Vietnamese community in Orange County:

Restaurants – some of Dr. Vo Dang’s favorites:

Brodard Restaurant 9892 Westminster Ave Garden Grove, CA 92844 *home of the pork spring rolls (nem nuong cuon).

Brodard Chateau 9100 Trask Ave Garden Grove, CA 92844  *owned by the same family as Brodard, this restaurant is more upscale and features a full bar.

Pho 79 (inside the Asian Garden Mall)  the one at this location outside the mall is good too: 9941 Hazard Ave Garden Grove, CA 92844  *the beef noodle soup is excellent there.

Pho Quang Trung (directly across the street from the Asian Garden Mall) 9211 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683  *the noodle soups and most other items on the menu are terrific.

Hong An Restaurant  9862 Westminster Ave Garden Grove, CA 92844  *for their “7 courses of beef” experience where you roll everything in rice paper and dip!

Bo De Tinh Tam Chay 15352 Beach Blvd Westminster, CA 92683  *all vegetarian food, lots of vegan options too

Ngu Binh Restaurant 14072 Magnolia St Westminster, CA 92683  *known for their dishes from Central Vietnam – SPICY!

Banh Cuon Tay Ho 2 9242 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683  *go here if you want the rolled rice noodle dish from North Vietnam

Seafood Cove 8547 Westminster Ave Garden Grove, CA 92844  OR 9211 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683 *for dim sum, family-style Chinese Vietnamese meals

Tai Buu Paris 9684 Westminster Blvd Garden Grove, CA 92844  *for French-Vietnamese cuisine – they make a great steak at a very reasonable price

7 Leaves Cafe 15556 Brookhurst St Westminster, CA 92683  *my go-to coffee and tea place

Thach Che Hien Khanh 9639 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683  *when you are ready to try some excellent Vietnamese desserts, called “che.” This is for pick up only. You won’t have space to sit here.

Snow Station 9938 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683  *the best “snow” dessert in my humble opinion And because someone asked about Korean food in the Korean District not too far from Little Saigon, here are two places to consider:

Cham Sut Gol 9252 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove, CA 92844

Incheonwon BBQ House 13321 Brookhurst St Garden Grove, CA 92843

************** Events to look out for: * Flower Festival/Market in front of the Asian Garden Mall – in January * Night Market in front of the Asian Garden Mall – from June to August on Fridays & Saturdays 7PM – Midnight & Sundays 7PM – 11PM * Viet Film Fest (every April).

SE 21 – 24: SELECT WINE APPELLATIONS AROUND THE WORLD: Class presentation available.


Start your weekend on a Friday afternoon with wine education and a taste of handpicked wines.  Taught by wine expert and OLLI member Al Glasky, each of the two-hour sessions will focus on a specific wine region. Al will educate us about specific wine grape-growing regions followed by selected wines that exemplify the uniqueness of each appellation. Climate, soil chemistry, sunlight, water, and other factors that contribute to the defining terroir for each varietal will be discussed. You will come away from the class feeling satisfied that you have a better understanding of what you have been drinking.  This 3-part series will take us to South Australia, South Africa, and the Iberian Peninsula.  Come with us on this trip around the world.

Friday, September 11: Wines from South Australia

Class Presentation: Southern Australia Lecture

Friday, September 18: Wines from South Africa

Class Presentation: South Africa

Friday, September 25: Wines from Spain and Portugal

 Presenter:  Dr. Alvin Glasky

has taught wine education classes in the UCI Extension for Wine Certification program (Wines of the World).  He has broad expertise in this field and makes the subject both fun and easy to understand.


Phil Friedel and Frank McGill


Fridays, Sept 11, 18 and 25


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