OLLI at UCI 2015 – “Who Are We” Survey Results

Who Are We?                                                                                                  

The following report presents the results of the most recent demographic survey of our OLLI membership as of the 2015 spring semester.

We currently have over 700 members. This is the same as in the previous survey that was taken in the 2004-2005 academic year. The ratio of females to males is 73% to 27%. The average age of our members is 74 years. The age breakdown is as follows: 2% are 50 to 59, 26% are 60 to 69, 50% are 70 to 79 and 22% are 80 or older. The oldest member (when the data was collected) is 98 years.

Thirty-two percent of the membership live in Irvine followed by Newport Beach at 14%, Huntington Beach at 7%, Mission Viejo at 6%, Santa Ana at 5%, Laguna Beach and Tustin at 4% with the rest scattered throughout Orange County. Fifty-six percent of our members live with a spouse, 37% live alone and 7% either live with a friend or in a retirement community. Continue reading

SE 11: Creating a Contingency Notebook. Class handouts available.

Sue Nunn, M.A., President, Endowment Horizons, presented a hands-on workshop on July 29th for compiling essential documents, instructions and information a loved one or personal representative needs to know should you become incapacitated. When tragedy strikes, it’s no time to go through drawers, filing cabinets and boxes looking for information. Those who bear responsibility for your affairs need the material immediately.

Class Handouts:

AWW Contingency Notebook docmument 10-2013 (PDF format)

AWW Contingency Notebook docmument 10-2013 (MS Word format)

Contingency Notebook papers (pdf format)

Contingency Notebook papers (MS Word format)                                    

OLLI Annual Meeting

OLLI at UCI held its annual meeting at the Duck Club on June 10, 2015.

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The two PDF files and the video shown at the meeting are available for viewing.

OLLI Volunteers 2014-2015

OLLI Annual Meeting 2015v4

Irvine Transportation Center

What will OLLI look like if we move to the Irvine Transportation Center?

SC 210: IT’S ELEMENTARY: Human Existence and the Chemical Elements

Everything we experience, including our very existence, depends on the properties of 118 kinds of substances, the chemical elements.  In this series of lectures each class will provide examples to show that what we experience in the world and how we achieve our purposes are connected to the properties of specific chemical elements. For these elements we will describe some of their properties, how they became recognized to be fundamental substances, where they occur in nature, and how their properties are linked to our experience.  Our classroom allows for only very limited demonstrations so we will make use of materials from the Internet to illustrate the elemental properties.

Thursday, May 7:  Elements for murder (and some other poisons)

Class Presentation:  Its Elementary May 7  

Thursday, May 14:  Elements for fun—for a glorious Fourth

Class Presentation: Its Elementary May 14

Thursday, May 21: Keeping in touch with the elements—what’s in your cellphone?

Class Presentation: It’s Elementary May 21

Thursday, May 28:  Keeping track of the elements—the Periodic Table

Class Presentation: It’s Elementary May 28 2015

Developers/Presenters:  John Bush and James Boire, OLLI Science Committee Members


Thursdays, May 7, 14, 21, and 28

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom










SC 212           Introduction to Meteorology DVD Lecture with Discussion – PART 3

Class presentations available.

This series of DVD-based lectures concludes a survey of the science of the weather.  It addresses such questions as: What causes violent weather? How can you decipher the charts and jargon that meteorologists use?  How do meteorologists make predictions and how well do they do? The classes are based on a Great Courses DVD series presented by Professor Robert Fovell of UCLA, supplemented by additional material and class discussion led by an OLLI member.

Tuesday, May 19:  Violent weather–cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons; reading weather charts

Click here to view the presentation: Meteorology May 19, 2015

Tuesday, May 26:  Predicting the weather

Tuesday, June 2:  Summary of the course—the Perfect Storm; an introduction to weather and climate research at UCI

Meteorology (continued)

Presenter (via Great Courses DVD) Robert Fovell, Ph.D., Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UCLA

Developer/Discussion Leader:  John Bush, OLLI Science Committee Member


Tuesdays, May 19, 26, and June 2

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom


Marj Besemer            949-589-9085


Gary Oberts               714-389-6379



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