SC 205 – TOPICS IN MEDICINE FOR OLDER ADULTS: Class presentation available.

SC 205                       TOPICS IN MEDICINE FOR OLDER ADULTS

The Program in Geriatrics at UC Irvine Medical Center (UCIMC) continues its series on health related topics for older adults. Topics have been selected to provide timely information that is of interest to the OLLI membership.  Lectures will be presented by UC Irvine geriatricians and experts from the UCIMC.

Thursday, April 2:  Osteoporosis: An Update

Presenter:  Dr. Neetu Bhola , UCI Fellow in Geriatrics

Thursday, April 9:  We Are What We Eat: Diet Myths and Facts

Presenter:  Dr. Jung Hee Han, UCI Fellow in Geriatrics

Thursday, April 16:  A Practical Approach to Drug Interactions

Class Presentation: A Practical Approach to Drug Interactions

Presenter:  Tatyana Gurvich, Pharm. D., Clinical Pharmacist, UCI Senior Health Center.

Thursday, April 23: Don’t Let Falls Get You Down: Preventing Falls in Older Adults

Presenter:  Dr. Vinh Nguyen, Asst. Clinical Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine, UCI Division of Geriatrics


Lisa Peck, Coordinator, Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology, UCI School of Medicine

Sonia Sehgal, MD FACP,  Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, UCI Health

Marj Besemer, OLLI Science Committee

Dates /Time:

Thursdays, April 2, 9, 16, and 23

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

SC 203 – WATER SUPPLY OF ORANGE COUNTY. Class presentation available.

Water supplies in our portion of California were seriously challenged in 2014 after three years of state-wide drought. The Governor’s declaration calling for 20 percent conservation was followed by the State Water Board’s emergency regulation requiring mandatory water use restrictions.  Water utilities then imposed water use restrictions on their users. Southern California’s regional water provider, the Municipal Water District of Southern California (MWDOC), used its drought storage reserves to help the region through the drought, which required two-thirds of its storage. Southern California was well prepared for the drought, unlike many other areas in the state. As drought preparedness and water reserves varied among utilities, some suppliers tended toward public education rather than strict enforcement to achieve water conservation. The first three classes will examine local and regional water conditions as they exist in early 2015, the outlook for both the near- and long-term, how Orange County fits into the situation, and what is in store for the entire Southwest. Local, state and regional experts will join us for a factual and speculative outlook at water – our essential lifeline. There will be time for questions and discussion in each class session. The fourth class will take place at the Orange County Water District’s state-of-the-art Groundwater Replenishment System in Fountain Valley. This will be a self-drive visit to the world’s largest recycled water treatment facility.

Friday, March 6: Orange County’s Underground Water Supply  Did you know that wells that pump groundwater from aquifers beneath northern and central Orange County supply 70% of the water needs of the OCWD service area?  Find out how the aquifers are replenished and protected from seawater intrusion and land subsidence.  Learn about local hydrogeology and water issues from the perspective of the Orange County Water District (OCWD).

Presenter:   Roy Herndon, Chief Hydrogeologist, OCWD

Class Presentation: Orange County Ground Water Basin – The Water Under our Feet

Friday, March 13: Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) Did you know that half of urban Southern California’s water is imported from the Colorado River and Northern California, and Orange County (MWDOC service area) relies on imported water to meet 45% of its average needs? Find out how water is supplied on a regional basis and how secure these sources are.
Presenter:  Richard Bell, P.E., Manager of Water Resources and Facilities Planning, MWDOC

Class Presentation: Orange County’s Imported and Local Water Supply

Friday, March 20: Southwest Water – Are We Running Dry?  How reliable is the water supply of the American Southwest? Find out if this supply can continue to provide water to Southern California, with or without major climate change.

Presenter:  Jim Thebaut, Filmmaker and director, The Chronicles Group, L.A. Friday, March 27: Tour of the OCWD Groundwater Replenishment System. Tour the world’s largest recycled water treatment system that purifies wastewater to drinking water quality and re-injects it to replenish the groundwater basin. Find out what multi-stage advanced-treated water tastes like! NOTE:  Tour Location (Friday, March 27 only) is OCWD Offices, 18700 Ward Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.  Directions will be distributed.

Class Presentation: OCWD Groundwater Replenishment System

Developers:       Gary Oberts and Roy Herndon Dates/Time: Fridays, March 6, 13, 20 and 27 10:00 AM –12:00 Noon Locations:          Woodbridge Onken Classroom, Irvine on March 6, 13, and 20 OCWD offices, Fountain Valley on March 27

Select Wine Appellations — Wines of the Rhone (March 6, 2015)

SELECT WINE APPELATIONS This popular series will take us to the Rhone Valley, France, Piedmont Italy, Chile  and Argentina. Each of the two hour sessions will focus on a specific region and its wine- grape growing. Climate, soil chemistry, sunlight, water and other factors that contribute to the defining terroir for each varietal will be discussed. Tastings of hand picked wines will illustrate the lectures. It is hoped that you will come away with a better understanding of wines that you have been drinking. Presenter:    Dr. Alvin Glasky has taught wine education classes in the UCI Extension Wine Certification program (Wines of the World). He has broad expertise in the field and is passionate about making it fun and easy to understand. Friday, March 6, 2015: Wines of the Rhone Friday, March 13, 2015: Wines from Piedmont, Italy Friday, March 20, 2015: Wines from Chile and Argentina Developers: Phil Friedel and Molly White Event size: Minimum 20, Maximum 40 Cost: SE 53: $60 for all three sessions of wine tasting Class Presentations: 

Rhone Wines

Argentina and Chile

Individual sessions: SE 54: $25 for March 6 only, Wines of the Rhone SE 55: $25 for March 13 only, Wines from Piedmont, Italy SE 56: $25 for March 20 only, Wines from Chile and Argentina NOTE: You may sign up for all three sessions (SE 53) or an individual session. Please bring two wine glasses to each session. OLLI will provide wine and snacks. Dates/Time: Fridays, March 6, 13, 20 1:00 – 3:00 PM Location: Woodbridge Onken Classroom

SC 202 Hip and Knee Problems and Solutions

Dr. Robert Murphy and Linda Murphy shared with us their orthopedic experience on how to diagnose, treat and aid recovery of hip and knee problems. Dr. Murphy has performed more than 10,000 joint replacements. He will discuss indications, risks, benefits, treatments, rehab, and what to expect for a final outcome. He will also explain the science behind why cartilage degenerates, and what is on the horizon for treating this problem in the future. These new approaches include growing cartilage, genetically growing your own new joint, and stopping or reversing progression so that no surgery need be done. Dr. Murphy was joined in this discussion by his wife Linda Murphy, an orthopedic nurse and educator.

Presenters: Dr. Robert Murphy, MD, MPH, is an orthopedic surgeon who recently retired and moved to our community after 38 years of practice in spine and total joint replacement surgery at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage. He completed his orthopedic training at UCSD and a Master’s degree in Public Health from UCLA. He has a-career long interest in US healthcare policy. Dr. Murphy was the founding member and Chairman of the Board of Desert Orthopedic Center at Eisenhower for 30 years and served on the Eisenhower Hospital Board of Directors for 14 years. He and his wife Linda (a nurse educator) remain active in orthopedics through their consulting firm, the Murphy Consulting Group.

Linda Murphy, MSN, RNC, ONC, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Concordia University. She has a Master of Science in Nursing degree and national certification in Geriatrics and Orthopedics. She has been a nurse for more than 30 years and has served as Coordinator for Joint Replacement Surgery at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage.

Class Presentation:  SC 202 Hip and Knee Problems

Developer:   Gary Oberts


Friday, February 20

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom


SC 201 – GEOLOGY OF JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK. Class presentation available.

SC 201           Geology of joshua tree national park

An overview of the geology and physiographic setting of Joshua Tree National Park will be presented in this lecture.  We will discuss geologic and tectonic development of the park that led to the formation of spectacular granitic rock formations that are more than 100 million years old.  We will also discuss the surficial processes that created the prominent outcrops.  Time permitting, historical mining and other land uses will be covered.

Presenter:    Mark Bordelon is an adjunct geology professor at Irvine Valley College.  He has taught at IVC for 13 years, including field study courses in California and western states.  He was previously a consulting geologist for more than 20 years. He has presented very popular OLLI classes on The Geology of Orange County, Geologic Faults, and Geology, Tectonics and Geoengineering of the Panama Canal.

Developer:   Gary Oberts

Class Presentation:

Joshua Tree National Park Geology February 2015


Tuesday, February 17

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom


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