KIT (Keep In Touch) Mail

Class Updates and Reminders

  • The Spring OLLI catalog has a misprint for AH 103, Preservation of Historic Architecture. The class will meet on April 6 and April 13 at 1:30 PM in the Woodbridge classroom, as printed in the catalog, but those dates are Wednesdays (not Thursdays, as listed in the catalog and on student confirmations). The calendar in the back of the catalog is correct. We apologize for the error. Please contact the course facilitators, listed on page 8 of your catalog, if you have any questions.


  • The following classes have space for additional OLLI members. Check your calendar and enjoy learning something new! Please reply to the individual facilitators for each class you wish to attend:


  • History of Media Art (AH 108) has space available at Woodbridge at 1:30 next Tuesday, March 15. David Familian, artistic director of the Beall Center for Art and Technology, will explore art evolution through modern history showing how each step in artistic change led to the next, and how technology has become an integral tool in the art world. To enroll, call facilitators Connie Hauck (949-854-8334) or Nancy Rayl (949 644-1354).           


  • UCI Global Dance Initiatives (SE 41) has space available at Winifred Smith Hall at 4 PM on Thursday, April 14.  Dance Department Chair Lisa Naugle, Professor/Choreographer Sheron Wray and their students will discuss and demonstrate their recent experiences collaborating with musicians and dancers in both Spain and Ghana. Guests are welcome. To enroll, call facilitators Judy/Paul Sochat (949-715-1530) or Marilyn Goldberg (949-310-1141). 


  • The class Science and Technology in Plain English (SC 217), beginning on April 25, has openings.  If you are interested, not yet enrolled, and would like to enroll in this class, please call the facilitator, Carroll Slemaker, at(949-586-5673.


  •  The Art Alive and Museums of Balboa Park bus trip on April 29 (SE 37) has space for several more members and guests.  Enjoy the floral interpretations of famous works of art that will enable you to understand those art works in new ways.  There will also be free time to satisfy diverse interests in other venues in the Park.  For more info, please phone Rochelle Ambersound at 949-552-0573 or Patty Charmichael at 949-644-8185.


  • Art and Theatrical Imagination (AH 113) also has space available at 11 AM on Friday, May 27, in the Woodbridge Onken classroom.  UCI Drama Professor Anthony Kubiak returns to OLLI by popular demand.  Guests are welcome.  To enroll, call facilitators Connie Hauck (949-854-8334) or Dorothy Tonne (714-536-5101).


Other News



  • Interested in being a part of the OLLI leadership? Is it YOUR turn?  There are leadership positions waiting to be filled. Please contact nominating committee members Leah Jordan ( and/or Julie Hume ( to find out what is available. 


  • There are new pictures from OLLI’s Marine Mammal Institute trip on To log in, use the username and the password OLLI2009.


  • The next OLLI Board of Directors’ meeting will be at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, March 16, in the Woodbridge Onken Classroom.


  • Are you late arriving for a class? If the office is open (Monday through Friday, 9 AM-2 PM), you may go through the office and into the back door of the classroom. Just sign in with the facilitators at the break. Remember, at five minutes before the start of class, your seat may be given away to someone on the waitlist, even if you are registered for a class.

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