KIT (Keep in Touch) Mail

Class Updates and Reminders


  • For OLLI members enrolled in SE 39, Beckman Laser Institute Tour: Due to an unanticipated schedule conflict with the Director of the Institute, the time for the tour has been changed. The tour will now be from 2-4 PM on Thursday, May 5. Please contact Marj Besemer, the facilitator, if you have questions or if you cannot attend at the new time (


  • Due to a family emergency of the presenter, Classical Music of Northern India (AH 105) has been rescheduled.  It will meet in the Woodbridge Onken classroom on April 19 and 26 (instead of the original dates of March 29 and April 5). The time remains the same – 1-2:30 PM. If you have questions, or cannot attend on the new dates, please contact facilitators Margo Stuart ( or Cindy Eddleman (


  • The Overnight Adventure Trip to Little Petroglyph Canyon (SE 40) is now open to non-OLLI participants. This trip will explore one of the many canyons in the Coso Mountains near Ridgecrest that contain the largest collection of rock are in North America. Facilitator Lonnie Horn made this trip last October and said that it is “interesting in historical content and spectacular in scope and quantity.” For more details see the class description on page 31 of the Spring Catalog. To enroll, call Student Services at 949-824-5414 and press 0 to bypass the message and speak with a Student Affairs Specialist.


  • There are still some openings in Science and Technology in Plain English (SC 217), beginning on April 25.  If you are interested, not yet enrolled, and would like to enroll in this class, please call the facilitator, Carroll Slemaker, at 949-586-5673.


Other News


  • The Spring University Club Forum, co-sponsored by OLLI, will resume on Wednesday, March 30, with Physics and Astronomy Professor James Bullock talking about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. For reservations, call 949-824-7960. To see the complete Spring Forum schedule, go to our blog at and click on the U Club Forum image. For directions to the University Club, see the map on page 42 of the Spring catalog or click on Class locations/Maps on the OLLI blog site.


  • Now available on the OLLI Blog:  New class presentations for SC 211: How the Earth Works, and SS 312: Health Care in the U.S. Go to and click Sciences, Spring 2011, to view SC 211, and Social Sciences, Spring 2011, to view SS 312.


  • There are new pictures from OLLI’s Trash Tours trip to the recycling center on To view the pictures you must log in, using the e-mail address and the password OLLI2009.

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