World War II Memories: Time is of the Essence

If you are attending the World War II Remembered classes this fall, you may also enjoy reading an article in the LLI Review, the Annual Journal of the Osher Lifelong Learning Instititue (Fall 2011). The article titled “World War II Memories: Time is of the Essence” was written by Gary L. Oberts, OLLI at UCI member and one of the Course Developers of SS 314 World War II Remembered. Point and click on the following link to view and read the article: World War II Memories_Time is of the Essence

Copies of the LLI Review are available for checkout from the OLLI at UCI library which is located in the back of the Woodbridge-Onken classroom.

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  1. We attended the November 15 WWII discussion featuring several pilots relating their flying experiences, in a bomber, a fighter and a glider.
    The Collings Foundation operates a “Wings of Freedom Tour” and brings restored WWII aircraft to Airports around the USA. Interested OLLI members may purchase a ride in these historic aricraft. The 2012 Schedule will be posted on thier website in December and you may cut and paste this web address to view the schedule and order your tickets. Besure to take a video camera with you!
    Questions? Call me at home. 949-786-8647 Thank you.


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