Welcome to OLLI at UCI!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to OLLI @ UCI…we’re glad you’re here!

Following is a list of FAQ’s. If we haven’t answered yours, feel free to contact us at OLLI@uci.edu or call us at 949-451-1403.

  • I’d like to get a catalog to see the Spring courses. What should I do?
    • Contact the OLLI office at OLLI@uci.edu or 949-451-1403. We’ll make sure to add you to the mailing list for a catalog. Catalogs will be mailed on December 15. You can also view our classes online by going to www.extension.uci.edu/olli, then clicking on Courses/Events.
  • What does it cost to join?
    • Our membership dues for Spring 2013 are $100. This fee is for a maximum of 6 courses. However, we advertise openings in additional classes. Special Events are unlimited.
  • Are there tests?
    • There are NO tests, and no homework! The learning experience with OLLI@UCI is different from a standard university course. The classes are generally 2-4 sessions, 1.5-2 hours each.
  • What kinds of classes are offered?
    • There are lots of great classes (usually 50-60 per semester), divided into several categories:
      1. Arts and Humanities
      2. Science and Mathematics
      3. Social Science
      4. Special Events and Bus Trips (additional fees apply)
  • Where are the classes held?
    • Most classes are held in our Onken classroom, located at the Woodbridge Village Center (above the Barnes and Noble), 4662 Barranca Parkway – Irvine, CA.
    • Occasionally, classes are held at the University Club (on the UCI campus), at SusiQ (the senior center in Laguna Beach), at OASIS (the senior center in Corona Del Mar), or other locations. Click on Class Maps to view locations and maps.
  • How many people belong to OLLI?
    • We have nearly 650 members.
  • How do I sign up?
    • Online registration for Spring 2013 will begin Thursday, January 3.  You can register online by going to www.extension.uci.edu/olli and clicking on Enroll Online Now. You can also call in your registration to 949-824-5414, or download a form from our website and mail it in.

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