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SC 206 – Climate Change. Class presentations available for viewing.

January 7 starts the first of four sessions of a national OLLI video course on climate change, presented by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Change office. Click the links below to view each class presentation.

The course was designed by NOAA, which then recruited nine experts/presenters. Note that Part 2 of the series will occur in the early spring 2013 semester, and cover topics 5-8 from the NOAA lecture series. The goal of the course is to educate members about climate change by presenting information from the videos, then answering attendees’ questions, and facilitating discussion on a broad range of climate change issues with members of the OLLI at UCI Science Committee. Among these are:

  • What is  the scientific evidence for climate change (global warming)?
  • What are some anticipated impacts on civilization and the environment from climate change?
  • What measures can be taken to lessen such impacts?
  • What are citizens’ views on  climate change and how does scientific information influence these views?

Developers/Discussion Leaders:  Gary Oberts and Dennis Silverman, OLLI Science Committee

Session 1 (1/7):       The discovery of global warming — a history of climate change


OLLI NOAA G Mason Univ Introduction IPCC compatible

Terms for OLLI Climate Change classes

Session 2 (1/14):     The state of the climate today


OLLI NOAA G Mason Univ Introduction IPCC compatible

SC 206 Climate Change Lecture 2: Radiative Forcing – Presenter: Dennis Silverman, Department of Physics and Astronomy, U C Irvine

Session 3 (1/21):     The difference between weather and climate


Oscillations and Currents #3

Session 4 (1/28):     The impact of global climate change on the U.S.


SC 206 Climate Change Lecture 4 – Future Orbital Warming, Larger Black Carbon Effect, El Nino, and Pine Bark Beetle Infestation. Presenter:  Dennis Silverman, Department of Physics and Astronomy, U C Irvine

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