SC 205: Exoplanets: Class presentation is now available.

Presenter, Professor Damian Christian, has made available his presentation from the February 25th class meeting.

CSUN Department of Physics and Astronomy, is a solar and stellar astronomer and was fortunate enough to be a key member of the SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets; http://wasp.astro.keele. project since its commissioning in 2004. Dr. Christian is involved with the SuperWASP search for planets orbiting distant stars, follow-up observations to characterize the planets and their host stars, and investigating planet formation and evolution.

Extremely sensitive and exacting instrumental methods are used to detect planets that orbit distant stars (exoplanets). Dr. Christian will present several of the more popular methods for detecting planets orbiting other stars and cover in detail the radial velocity and photometric transit methods. The latter method is used by NASA’s Kepler satellite to discover Earth-like planets. The latest results will be presented. Additionally, spectroscopic follow-up observations promise to help us measure the composition of exoplanet atmospheres, and infra-red imaging will help uncover their temperature structures.

February 25, 2013 Class Presentation: The Search for Exoplanets and Earths Outside our Solar System

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