SC 212 – Science and Technology in Plain English: Class presentations available.

This class is intended for both OLLI members who may feel uncomfortable with science or technology, and those well versed in the sciences.  Obscure terminology and unfamiliar concepts can sometimes intimidate, bewilder, or just plain bore OLLI members.  Presenters from the OLLI Science Committee will briefly describe a topic in science or technology that is of interest to them, explain the concept, and convey their enthusiasm in jargon-free English.

Blacl Holes

 Topics this time around include the following:

  •  Occam’s Razor
  •  Connection Between Quantum Mechanics and Literature
  •  Is Necessity the Mother of Invention?
  •  Fighting Drug Addiction with Drugs
  •  Cell Regulatory Processes
  •  Left Ventricular Assist Heart Devices
  • Risks of CAT Scans and Medical Devices in General
  • Black Holes

Ventricular Devices

Presenters: Members of the Science Committee

April 8 Class Presentations:

April 15 Class Presentations:

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