SC 217: Math and the Markets Updated – Class presentations available

s&p500 indexIf you have a pension or hold mutual funds or other investments, a significant portion of your financial well being now depends on the application of mathematical models. Computers make more than 50 percent of all stock market trading decisions. This class provided an introduction to the models used to make decisions, their role in the financial crisis of 2008 and its aftermath, and their implications for the future. This was the second follow-up to the very popular 2009 OLLI class.

Class Presentations

Friday, April 19: What ideas are models based on, and how are they used?

 Math and the Markets 2013 – Part 1 D1

Friday, April 26: What was the role of financial derivatives and mathematical models in the crisis of 2008? What has changed? What are the implications of the new regulations?

Math and the Markets 2013 – Part 2 D1


N.T. Gladd, Ph.D., Computational/theoretical plasma physics, University of Texas. Tom is an OLLI member who is also a “quant,” the term used for the mathematicians and scientists who flocked to Wall Street to build and apply mathematical models. He is retired from Citi Bank and is currently consulting with Morgan Stanley.

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