SS 303: WORLD WAR II REMEMBERED: PART 4: Pearl Harbor and More – Class presentations available.

October 7 Class Presentations

Click these links to open and view.

Pearl Harbor #4 Denver Post and others 2013

Weil Pearl Harbor G final edit 1

WW II Pt 4 Intro

October 14 Class Presentation

Click this link to open and view: Weil Pearl Harbor G 

PEARL HARBORPart 4 is our continuing series of first-hand stories of World War II. This year we are focusing on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese-American intelligence service, and American and German prisoners of war (POWs). Hear about the historic setting leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor from an OLLI historian; eyewitness accounts of the attack and its aftermath from survivors living in our midst; the role that some Japanese-Americans played in the U.S. Military Intelligence Service; and the POW camp for German prisoners in Garden Grove.

Monday, October 7: Series Introduction, Historic Setting for Pearl Harbor Attack

Presenters:  Gary Oberts and Jonathan Weil

Monday, October 14: Pearl Harbor Attack Survivor Stories

Presenters:   Jack Hammett and Pearl Harbor survivors from the Costa Mesa Freedom Committee

Monday, October 21: Japanese-American Service in the Military Intelligence Service

Presenter:  Florence Ochi of the Japanese American National Museum

October 28: Garden Grove POW Camp

Class Presentation

Click this link to open and view the presentation: Korzak Presentation

Presenters: Judy Florman on the Garden Grove POW camp plus speakers on being a prisoner in German and American POW camps

Developers: Gary Oberts, Al Fuller, Jonathan Weil, Judy Florman

Dates/Time: Mondays, October 7, 14, 21 and 28

                      9:30 – 11:30 AM

Location: Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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