SS 309: Consumer Alert: What You Should Know About OTC and Prescription Drug Marketing – Class presentation available

Who hasn’t spent time in the over-the-counter (OTC) drug aisles reading product labels and trying to figure out which medication might work best for our symptoms? Who has not seen advertisements for prescription drugs and wondered if these might not be useful for our specific health needs? How are these decisions and issues regarding drug safety and efficacy affected by pharmaceutical marketing strategies and the trend toward self-diagnosis and treatment? This course will address these questions and other specific concerns we may have, both as patients and as consumers.

FDAPresenter/Developer: Gerald W. DeVries, Ph.D. , retired Vice President for Pre-Clinical Research at Allergan Pharmaceuticals and member of the OLLI at UCI Social Science Committee.

Friday, November 8: Review of basic principles of how drugs work in the body. Common OTC drugs for allergy, cold and flu, pain, heartburn, upset stomach, etc. A discussion of FDA regulation of OTC agents. The impact of OTC drugs on our health care system now and in the future.

Friday, November 15: Direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs. How does this strategy affect the doctor/patient relationship? What classes of drugs are most frequently advertised? How do the costs of these drugs and this marketing strategy impact our health care system?

Class Presentation: Consumer Alert

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