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    The mission of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is to enhance the quality of life for mature adults by promoting intellectual growth in a center for senior learning. In collaboration with the University of California, Irvine, we provide unique educational experiences in an environment of social interaction.
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SC 203: Climate, Earth and Art – Class presentations available.

North Atlantic Oscillation System

North Atlantic Oscillation System

OLLI member Gil Brenner discusses a unique mix of examining climate, geology and art based on his experience as a geology professor in the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

Wednesday, February 19: Climate of the Past

Class presentation: Past Climates Cafe

The Earth during the last 4.6 billion years has had wild swings in climate from warm to very cold. In many areas, the Earth itself has kept a detailed log, albeit in a language that must first be deciphered. Geologists use the term “proxy” to describe a way that climate change is recorded in nature, within geological materials such as ocean or lake sediments, tree-rings, coral growth-bands, ice-cores, and cave deposits. We will take a look at some of the evidence and what this planet has endured.

Wednesday, February 26: Geology of the Hudson River Valley and the Art It Inspired

(updated from previous presentation). Geology in the 19th century was in vogue. During this century the modern version of the geologic time scale was evolving, and the Geologic Survey of New York was first established. Landscape artists, enamored by the beauty of the Hudson Valley and environs, created the “Hudson Valley School of Painting.” Most of them knew their geology and used it to inspire their art and spirituality. The connection between the art and geology of this region will be the central theme of this illustrated talk.

Presenter/Developer: Gil Brenner, Ph.D. ., Professor Emeritus, Geological Sciences, State University of New York. Formerly Scientific Assistant at the American Museum of Natural History and an exploration geologist for Chevron, Gil continues to consult on both oil and water exploration. He is an OLLI member, Science Committee member, and frequent presenter of OLLI classes.

Class Presentation: Geology of the Hudson River

Louisa David Minot  “Niagara Falls”  - 1818  The only two known by Minot

Louisa David Minot “Niagara Falls” – 1818 The only two known by Minot


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