SC 213: Introduction to Meteorology, Part I. Class presentations available.


meteorology 3We are blessed in Southern California that our weather is so (relatively) predictable, except for the occasional mega-flood or hurricane. This DVD lecture series with discussion addresses such questions as: What causes California weather to be so different from that of most places in the world? What causes the weather? How can you decipher the charts and jargon that weather people use? What limits how well their predictions foretell the future? To understand our weather, we need to know what causes weather changes in general and how to become more conversant with the meteorological terminology. By the end of these eight lectures over two semesters you should be able to understand how to give or get answers to these and many other questions about the weather.

The classes are based on a Teaching Company DVD series presented by Professor Robert Fovell of UCLA. Each class will allow time for discussion of your questions led by members of the Science Committee. As a basis for class discussion you are encouraged to review each week’s lectures to clarify what it is that you may not fully understand. These lectures will be posted on the OLLI blog site at (

Wednesday, April 30: Atmospheric pressure, temperature and density—minimizing extremes

Class Presentation: Introduction to Meteorology-Atmospheric Pressure, Temperature  and Density

Wednesday, May 14: Clouds

Class Presentation: Meteorology-Clouds

Wednesday, May 21: Winds

Class Presentation: Meteorology-Winds

Jet Stream Winds

Wednesday, May 27: Sea breezes and Santa Anas—atmospheric moisture, evaporation and condensation

Class Presentation: Sea Breezes and Santa Anas

Presenter: Robert Fovell, Ph.D. (via Teaching Company DVD), Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of California Los Angeles

 Developer/Discussion Leader: John Bush

Location: Woodbridge Onken Classroom

Dates/Time: Wednesdays, April 30, May 7, 14, and 21

   1:30 – 3:30 PM


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