SC 209: THE WORLD’S GREATEST GEOLOGICAL WONDERS, PART 2 – Class presentations available


DVD Lecture with Discussion

These classes are based on a series of Great Courses video lectures by Professor Michael Wysession. Part 1 was a series of lectures presented in the Fall 2014 semester, but previous viewing is not a requirement. Experiencing the lectures on which these classes are based is rather like making a tour of picturesque places with a knowledgeable geologist as a companion. Each lecture provides an account of the human significance of the region, as well as a description of the geological phenomena that are responsible for the interesting features, such as volcanic activity, the formation and erosion of mountains, the creation of caves and atolls, earthquakes and faults. The concepts of plate tectonics provide unifying explanations for much of the spectacular geology. There will be time for questions and discussion in each class session, led by members of the OLLI Science Committee.

Friday, December 19: Limestone Weathering – Mammoth Cave, the Great Blue Hole, Ha Long Bay

Class Presentations:

Geological Wonders

Ha Long Bay

Friday, January 9: Mid-ocean Ridges, Rifts and Lava Lakes – Galapagos, African Rift Valley, Erta Ale Lava Lake (Afar Region, Ethiopia)

Class Presentation:

Galapagos Islands

Friday, January 16: Mountains and Rivers – Himalayas, Ganges Delta, Amazon Basin

Class Presentations:

Geological Wonders – JANUARY 16 2015

Himalayas and Ganges

Friday, January 23: Waterfalls, Floods and Tides – Iguazu Falls, Rock of Gibraltar, Bay of Fundy

Class Presentations:


Bay of Fundy 012315

Presenter (via Great Courses DVD):  Michael E. Wysession, Ph.D.,

            Professor of Geophysics, Washington University in Saint Louis

Developers/Discussion Leaders:  John Bush and Gary Oberts


Fridays, December 19, January 9, 16 and 23

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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