SC 212: INFINITE FRUSTRATION: The Human Side of Science. Class presentations available.

SC 212                       INFINITE FRUSTRATION: The Human Side of Science As a child, did you ever lie on your back and look at the night sky, trying to imagine stars beyond the ones you could see, and more stars beyond them, and on and on forever? We have no personal experiences that can serve as an analogue of forever, whether of time or space. Both the infinitely large and the infinitely small remain mysteries at the level of human comprehension. In this course, we will examine the human need to cope with the infinite, and the 3,000-year history of attempts by Western philosophers, mathematicians and scientists to harness the infinite to meet humanity’s intellectual capabilities. Presenter:    Howard Mirowitz, MBA, retired from the world of high-tech business development and venture capital,     and now a full-time amateur mathematician and musician, and dedicated student       of ancient texts.  Howard has presented many highly-rated OLLI classes, always          astounding his classes with his depth of research and knowledge. Developer:  Larry Wayne

Class Presentations:

Lecture 1 – Introduction

Lecture 2 – Infinity in Religion and Philosophy

Lecture 3 – Infinity in Mathematics and Science

Dates/Time: Wednesdays, January 14, 21 and 28 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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