SC 210: Topics In Science. Class presentation available.

This class is a collection of short presentations on science topics that are of interest to the general public.  It is intended to be in plain English and easily understood, although some scientific principles will be presented.

Thursday, January 8: The Nature of Genius. What is it that makes us apply the moniker of genius to a person?  Some extremely creative or talented individuals will be discussed and we will decide if they are or not truly geniuses.

Class Presentation:

Presenter:  Jerry Florman, retired pharmacist and OLLI Science Committee member.

Spray-On Skin. Spray-on skin is an exciting new medical technology with the capability of repairing first and second degree burns in patients.  Our presenter, in consultation with local plastic surgeons, will present an updated 30-minute summary of this product.

Presenter:  Vern Roohk, Ph.D., Physiology and Biochemistry, and OLLI Science Committee member.

Thursday, January 22: Research and Innovation for the Age of Natural Gas

This talk surveys research and technology development intended to enhance and make more effective use of the projected abundance of natural gas.  Topics will include advances in technology, resource knowledge and impact, and use of natural gas.

Presenter:  John Bush, Ph.D., Chemistry, and OLLI Science Committee member

Amazing Communication Language Conventions in Human Cells. Human cells are able to communicate internally and with each other through an amazing set of codes and processes that scientists have recently revealed.   A synopsis of these language conventions will be presented.

Presenter:  Steve Wunderly, Ph.D., Chemistry, and OLLI Science Committee member.


Thursdays, January 8 and 22

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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