SC 206: Tsunamis and Icesheets: Results of CSUF and UCI Research – Class presentation available.

SC 206                       TSUNAMIS AND ICESHEETS:

Results of CSUF and UCI Research

This class brings in lecturers from CSU Fullerton (CSUF) and UCI to discuss their latest findings on two earth system research projects.

Tuesday, April 7: The Search for Historic Tsunamis in Southern CA.  Find out about the hunt for signs of past tsunamis that might have hit southern California. CSUF geology researchers have identified the possibility of past tsunami events by using computers, and now are searching for field evidence to support the theory. The NSF funded search focuses on wetlands between Santa Barbara and the Mexican border.

Presenters:  Brady Rhodes, Matthew Kirby and Robert Leeper, CSUF Department of Geology

Tuesday, April 14:  Monitoring Changes of the Ice Sheets of Antarctica and Greenland.  The ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland are undergoing significant changes in our lifetime. This has an impact on sea level. While humans have recorded data from these regions for more than a century, continent wide observations only became available in recent years. A UCI research team led by world-renowned Professor Eric Rignot has generated a continent -wide ice velocity map of Antarctica and continues to use remote sending data to monitor ice sheets over time. Find out how ice sheets change and what that means for future sea level. Our presenter is an Associate Project Scientist with the Rignot research group which is funded by NASA.

Class Presentation: Monitoring Changes of the Ice Sheets of Antarctica and Greenland

Presenter:    Bernd Scheuchl, UCI Earth System Sciences, Rignot Group

Developer:   Gary Oberts


Tuesdays, April 7 and 14

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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