SC 208: ADDED DIMENSIONS: The Human Side of Science. Class presentations available.

We were all born into a three-dimensional world, and we understood and were comfortable with it.  A little adjustment had to be made when Einstein decided that there was a fourth dimension, time, but we have managed.  However, some mathematicians and physicists have now added at least six or seven new dimensions to the array, depending on who is counting, and the number is growing.  What are we to make of them?  This course is designed to outline the history of hyperspaces in physics and shed some light on why extra dimensions are introduced.

Wednesday, April 8:  Showing of a film, Flatland, an entertaining fantasy about a culture of people existing in only two dimensions.

Class Presentation: Lecture 1 – Visualizing Higher Dimensions

Wednesday, April 15:  A discussion of Einsteinian 4-D space.

Class Presentation: Lecture 2 – Einsteinian 4-D Physics

Wednesday, April 22:  Multidimensional spaces in other areas of physics.

Class Presentation: Not available.

Wednesday, April 29: Additional class session.

Class Presentation: Lecture 4 – Efforts to Unify Gravity and Quantum Physics

Presenter:  Howard Mirowitz, MBA, is retired from the world of high tech business development and venture capital, and is now a full time amateur mathematician and musician, and a dedicated student of ancient texts.  He has given many diverse lectures at OLLI, most recently on the mathematician Fibonacci.

Developer:  Larry Wayne


Wednesdays, April 8, 15, and 22

2:00 – 4:00 PM


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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