Religion and Politics in the Middle East (SS 306)

Class Presentations Available. Click on the links below.


As one watches the drama throughout the Middle East, what is the role of religion in politics and how is it different from other regions of the world?  What are the common misconceptions of the region and how have concepts such as secularism, democracy and human rights in these regions created the culture of the Middle East?

Thursday, March 5: Religion and the State in the Middle East, theocracies and political parties.

Thursday, March 12: Religious and political narratives in the Middle East with emphasis on peace psychology.

Thursday, March 19: Addressing contentious questions/issues about religion and politics in the Middle East such as how they relate to human rights and to democracy.

Presenters:   Johanna Solomon and Tanya Schwarz are finishing their Ph.D. work in the UCI School of Social Sciences.  Johanna holds degrees from University of Chicago and Northwestern. She is working in the area of conflict resolution related to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. She has just returned from being a visiting scholar at the University of Tel Aviv. Tanya holds degrees from UC Riverside in Political Science.  She has been researching the meaning and role of prayer for faith-based organizations conducting work in the Middle East.  She has taught courses at UCI on Religion and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa.

Developers:  Mary Lou Sortais, Jonathan Weil, Peggy Maradudin



Thursdays, March 5, 12 and 19

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Clink on these links to view the presentations:

SS 306 Religion and Politics in the Middle East Intro


SS 306 Religion and Politics 2

SS 306 Religion and Politics 3

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