SE 21 – 24: SELECT WINE APPELLATIONS AROUND THE WORLD: Class presentation available.


Start your weekend on a Friday afternoon with wine education and a taste of handpicked wines.  Taught by wine expert and OLLI member Al Glasky, each of the two-hour sessions will focus on a specific wine region. Al will educate us about specific wine grape-growing regions followed by selected wines that exemplify the uniqueness of each appellation. Climate, soil chemistry, sunlight, water, and other factors that contribute to the defining terroir for each varietal will be discussed. You will come away from the class feeling satisfied that you have a better understanding of what you have been drinking.  This 3-part series will take us to South Australia, South Africa, and the Iberian Peninsula.  Come with us on this trip around the world.

Friday, September 11: Wines from South Australia

Class Presentation: Southern Australia Lecture

Friday, September 18: Wines from South Africa

Class Presentation: South Africa

Friday, September 25: Wines from Spain and Portugal

 Presenter:  Dr. Alvin Glasky

has taught wine education classes in the UCI Extension for Wine Certification program (Wines of the World).  He has broad expertise in this field and makes the subject both fun and easy to understand.


Phil Friedel and Frank McGill


Fridays, Sept 11, 18 and 25

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