SC 204 – IT’S ELEMENTARY: Human Existence and the Chemical Elements – Part 2. Class presentation available.

Everything we experience, including our very existence, depends on the properties of 118 kinds of substances, the chemical elements. These classes are about the ways that the properties of specific elements enable humans to accomplish their purposes. In Part One of the series (Spring 2015), we discussed elements used to accomplish homicide and to achieve communication at a distance. Topics for Part Two might include elements used for cosmetics; Fourth of July pyrotechnics; constructing buildings or bridges; transmitting and storing value (money); creating illumination; generating and storing electrical energy; creating jewelry; storing and retrieving digital information; personal transportation; human, animal, or plant nutrition; treating disease; creating prosthetic replacements for humans ….in fact, for accomplishing any human purpose that the use of materials can achieve.

The topics for the Fall 2015 classes will be selected based on the preferences expressed by attendees of the Spring 2015 classes.

Presenter: John Bush, Ph.D. Chemistry, is an OLLI Science Committee member who has organized and presented a number of OLLI science classes.

Class Presentation: Batteries Elements


John Bush and James Boire


Fridays, October 2 and 9

1:30 – 3:30 PM


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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