SS 306: IDENTITY THEFT: How to Keep Your Personal Data Safe. Class presentation available.

You need to know how to keep secure the personal data on your credit cards, computer, tablet and/or smart phone. Our age group is a prime target for information theft from third parties. In the first session of this workshop a senior government executive with a career in information technology will tell us how her identity was stolen, the dramatic consequences, and how she identified the perpetrators. In session two, a law professor will describe your legal rights and remedies — including the shortcomings — and how to report theft to government agencies. In session three, a senior UCI official responsible for keeping information safe for UCI’s Law School and its students will offer advice to OLLI members on how to protect their own data. This will include steps to take before and after identity theft to minimize damage.

Presenters: Nora Valenzuela,

Program Manager, Riverside County Information Technology and an Executive Board Member of the World Affairs Council.

Class Presentation: Identity Theft – Losing My Identity

Katherine Porter, Professor of Law at UCI Law School, whose expertise includes bankruptcy, consumer protection law, mortgage foreclosure, credit and debit cards. She was selected as one of the Top 100 lawyers in California in 2012.

Class Presentation: Identity Theft – Your Legal Rights

Patty Furukawa, Assistant Dean, Information Services, UCI School of Law.

Class Presentation: Information Security

Developers: Ursula Cook and Jill Deal


Wednesdays, October 7, 14 and 21

9:00 – 11:00 AM

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