SC 212: BIOMEDICAL 3-D PRINTING. Class presentation available for viewing.

As an additive manufacturing process, 3-D printing (3DP) originated in the 1980s. Since then 3DP applications have undergone amazing diversification, especially in the last few years, from the printing of concrete houses in China in a few hours to the printing of a misfiring plastic gun in a TV drama series and the ensuing legal issues.  The FDA is presently concerned, but optimistic, about the regulation of 3DP medical devices in the U.S., especially implantable devices.  In a variety of biomedical applications, 3DP can and does intersect with the fields of robotics, tissue engineering, and nanotechnology.  This course will introduce the concept of 3DP, explain the equipment and controlling software, and compare the capabilities of this technology with those of traditional machining processes.  Printed medical devices made from metal, plastic, and living tissue will be described which offer to personalize health care for patients as well as provide visual instructional aid for its practitioners.   Demonstrations of 3-D printing will accompany the lecture.


Vern Roohk, Ph.D.,

Physiology and Biochemistry, Postdoc in Bioengineering, sole proprietor BioCor Scientific consulting in biomedical devices, and OLLI Science Committee member.

Nicolas Chomenko, B.S.,

Physics, with specialties in hardware and software engineering. Research Director for a company providing perfusion services to hospitals and trauma centers.  Current work involves 3D printing with applications to tissue engineering.

Class Presentation: Biomedical 3-D Printing

 Developer: Vern Roohk, OLLI Science Committee member


Thursday, January 7

1:30 – 3:30 PM



Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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