SC 213 – BIOLOGY AT THE SMALLEST SCALES: The New Revolution of Biology and Nanotechnology. Class presentation available.

This class is a series of three lectures on how biological processes and diagnoses are being studied at molecular levels, and by nanotechnology.

Friday, January 8: A Physicist Looks at Cancer. We will give an overview of cancer and discuss what physics can bring to cancer biology. We will talk about the types of questions that physicists can ask such as “Why does a tumor grow where it does?”

Presenter: Clare Yu, Ph.D., UCI Physics and Astronomy

Friday, January 15: Listening to the Dancing of Life’s Molecular Machines.

Class Presentation: Biology at the Smallest Scales

The nanometer scale universe is a bizarre and counter-intuitive place.  We have invented a new tool to explore this space and dissect how the machines powering your cells work.

Presenter: Gregory Weiss, Ph.D., UCI Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry

 Friday, January 22: Medical Applications of Nanoelectronics. Nanoelectronics for medicine has been a subject of academic research for several decades, with many starts and stops along the path to practical development. Efforts to produce workable products will continue because of the possibilities for new and better medical tools.  We’ll cover recent commercial developments that have the medical community on board, and detail some of the technology of this generation of nanomedical efforts.

Presenter: Brett Goldsmith, Ph.D.,

CTO, Nanomedical Diagnostics

Developer: Dennis Silverman


Fridays, January 8, 15 and 22

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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