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NEW MATERIALS (SC 208). Class presentations available.

SC 208                       NEW MATERIALS: Creating options for our future

As the pop singer Madonna reminds us, we live in a material world. Creating, shaping and applying materials that fill recognized needs and serve new desires arguably has driven the evolution of our culture from the Stone Age to the Steel Age. For example, the application of extremely pure silicon to create a transistor in 1954 can be said to be the major development that led to the Silicon Age we live in.  Similarly, the creation of a new chemical compound, a dyestuff, by German chemists in 1932 led to the antibiotic revolution in medicine.  If a current emphasis on environmentally compatible materials and processes proves to be fruitful, we may be heading into the Green Age.

In this class, we will survey some contemporary examples of the ways that newly created materials, new ways to shape materials, and new ways to apply materials may influence our lives.

Tuesday, April 5: Structural materials — buildings and vehicles; energy generation and distribution; and storage materials. Click here for the presentation: NEW MATERIALS ONE

 Tuesday, April 12: Electronic and optical materials — computers, communications, and sensors. Click here for the presentation: NEW MATERIALS TWO

 Tuesday, April 19: Biomaterials — producing materials using biological processes; using new materials in medicine. Click here for the presentation: NEW MATERIALS THREE

Presenter/Developer: John Bush, Ph.D.

Prior to retirement, John taught chemistry, and performed and managed research in industry. He is an OLLI STEM Committee member and has organized and presented a number of OLLI science classes.


Tuesdays, April 5, 12 and 19, 1:30 – 3:30 PM


Phyllis Scheffler      949-589-6706  Pjchef40@gmail.com

Marj Besemer            949-589-9085  mlbesemer@cox.net



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