SC 213: The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. Class presentation available for viewing.

THE 2017 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: Why It Happens, Causes of Observed Phenomena, and How to View It

Class Presentation for all meeting dates: eclipse_online compressed v1_0

solarOn Monday August 21, 2017, the universe will reveal itself in an epic show more astonishing than anything ever devised by the magic of Hollywood or Disney. A total solar eclipse is nothing like a partial solar eclipse—totality reveals the Sun’s corona reaching far out into space. This will be the first such US event in 38 years and it may be the last chance to see one in this country during your lifetime.

This class explains the science behind the phenomena observed during an eclipse and also covers everything needed to plan a trip to the umbral shadow—including where to go, what to bring and how to photograph it. You’ll be prepared to organize your own trip and to teach your grandchildren the science.

Friday, May 6: What it is like to see totality. Understanding the Sun and Moon.

Friday, May 13: What causes an eclipse? The phenomena revealed by totality.

Friday May 20: Observing the total solar eclipse.

Presenter/Developer: Marc Nussbaum. Since photographing three totals, Marc has been on a mission to get others to see one. He wrote the book Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Your Guide to the Next US Eclipse, upon which this course is based. In addition to chairing the OLLI STEM Committee, Marc runs a small electronics business, Audible Rush. He served as CEO of Lantronix and SVP Engineering, and CTO and co-founder of Western Digital’s hard drive business. He holds a BS in Physics from the State University of NY, Oswego.


Fridays, May 6, 13 & 20

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Woodbridge Onken Classroom

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  1. When I started printing out the class presentation notes, I had no idea how many ink cartridges would be required. It was very expensive information. Please warn other OLLI people that it would cost much less to just buy the book! Jan Stevens



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