SC 201: Where Are We, Really? Parallel Universes – Fact or Fiction. Class presentations available for viewing.


The Human Side of Science

Have you ever fantasized that somewhere out there might lurk another you, another earth, or even another universe?  This course looks at how parallel worlds have appeared in religion, philosophy, and literature since ancient times, and how modern science suggests that parallel universes may be hidden within the equations of quantum physics, the Big Bang, and string theory.

Wednesday, September 14:  A film, Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, examines the life and work of Hugh Everett III, originator of the controversial Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum physics.

Class Presentation: Introduction

Wednesday, September 21:  We trace speculations about parallel worlds in religion, philosophy, and fantasy, from ancient Hindu scripture and the Koran to the latest science fiction and Hollywood blockbusters.

Class Presentation: lecture-2-the-plurality-of-worlds-in-philosophy-and-fiction

Wednesday, September 28:  Modern discoveries in cosmology and advanced theoretical physics imply the existence of multiple universes.   We review these theories and the evidence for and against them.

Class Presentation: lecture-3-the-many-worlds-of-quantum-physics

Wednesday, October 5:  We focus on some of the strange phenomena of quantum physics and will examine Hugh Everett III’s 1957 relative-state description of these phenomena – the Many-Worlds interpretation – reviewing how Everett’s model relates to modern developments in quantum computing.                                   

Presenter: Howard Mirowitz, MBA is retired from the world of high-tech business development and venture capital and is now an amateur mathematician and student of ancient texts.This will be the sixth course that Howard has presented for the OLLI STEM Committee.


Larry Wayne


Wednesdays, September 14, 21, 28 and October 5

2:00 – 4:00 PM


The Irvine Station-Onken

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