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    The mission of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is to enhance the quality of life for mature adults by promoting intellectual growth in a center for senior learning. In collaboration with the University of California, Irvine, we provide unique educational experiences in an environment of social interaction.
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SC 204: The Impacts of Climate Change: Part 2: OCEANS. Class presentation available for viewing.

SC 204                       THE IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE – PART 2: OCEANS

As our planet warms, humankind must discover solutions to global ecological problems before it is too late. We are being impacted by changing temperatures on land and in the ocean, changes in sea level and acidity, increasingly frequent extreme weather events, biological extinctions, and more. Please join OLLI for the second in a series of classes on the impacts that a changing climate is driving. During this semester’s sessions we will focus on ocean impacts. Specific impact assessments of UCI faculty and the Santa Monica Seafood Company will address: acidification, El Niño, heat uptake, nutrient transport and biological productivity, fisheries, ice loss, sea level rise and the marine carbon cycle.

Friday, October 7: Ocean Acidification and Global Change

Presenter: Kate Mackey, Claire Booth Luce Assistant Professor, UCI Department of Earth System Science

Friday, October 14: El Niño and Its Changing Impacts on Climate

Presenter: Jin-Yi Yu, Professor, UCI Department of Earth System Science

Class Presentation: El Niño and Its Changing Impacts on Climate

Friday, October 21: Ocean Heat and Biological Productivity


Francois Primeau,

Professor, UCI Department of Earth System Science, Ocean Heat and Its Impact on Nutrient Transport and Biological Productivity

Mel Carrasquillo,

Regional Brands Manager, Santa Monica Seafood Company, The Impact of Changing Climate on the Local Seafood Industry

Friday, October 28: Ocean Warming, Ice Loss and Sea Level Rise

Presenter: Bernd Scheuchl, Associate Project Scientist, UCI Department of Earth System Science

 Friday, November 4: Marine Carbon Cycle and Ocean Currents

Presenter: Rob Letscher,

Postdoctoral Researcher, UCI Department of Earth System Science


Gary Oberts


Fridays, October 7, 14, 21 and 28 and November 4

10:00 AM -12 Noon


The Irvine Station-Onken



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