Rise of Radical Islam (SS 312 & 318). Class presentations available.

This course will focus on the social and political evolution of the modern Islamic World. The topics focus will shed light on the nature of the jihadist movements that dominate the headlines. Their ideologies and worldview have their roots in hundreds, if not thousands of years of history. To understand them requires us to know their past.

October 25 & December 1: The essential beliefs of Islam and rise of Muslim societies and empires. The split of the Islamic faith into Sunni and Shia factions. The impact of European imperialism on the Near East.

Class Presentation: rise-of-jihad-Class 1

November 1 & December 9: The rise of anti-colonialist movements and Western support for puppet regimes in the Middle East. Ataturk, Nasser and Khomeini – three models of leadership for the region. The Arab –Israeli conflict. The modern version of Jihad arises from conflicts in Lebanon, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Class Presentation: jihad-Class-2

November 8 & December 15: Osama Bin Laden and the 9/11 attack. The US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the long-term consequences. The Arab Spring and the civil war in Syria. The establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and its appeal to Jihadists around the world.

Class Presentation:  rise-of-jihad-Class-3

Presenter: Rainer Feldt taught The History of the Contemporary Middle East class at Saddleback College for 16 years and has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East. He lived for an extended time in Istanbul, Turkey, Kibbutz Amiad in Israel, and Karachi, Pakistan

Developers: Al Fuller and Jonathan Weil


The Irvine Station, Onken Classroom


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