SC 213: SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY. Class presentations available.

This class is Part 1 of a planned multi-part series on Synthetic Biology. We will discover how DNA can be engineered and how the technology can be used to modify organisms producing saleable products.

Wednesday, January 4: Basic Molecular Biology of DNA: provides background information and an explanation of terms and concepts necessary to understand subsequent classes. This session will answer the questions, what is DNA, where is it found, what is its purpose, how is it formed, how does it duplicate, and how does it transfer information to make proteins?

Class Presentation: olli-intro-dna-presentation-1

Presenter: Steve Wunderly, Ph.D., synthetic organic chemist with a background at Beckman Instruments in the fields of Nuclear Detection (liquid and solid scintillation counting) and molecular biology (automating DNA synthesis and sequencing). Steve is an OLLI STEM Committee Member.

Wednesday, January 11: Genetic Manipulation: presents details of how genetic changes are made to DNA in the context of living organisms. Historically, genetic manipulation of plants and animals occurred slowly by selective breeding and nuclear irradiation of seeds. In modern times, direct laboratory gene editing methods accelerated this process. In the last year a precision method of genetic manipulation called CRISPR has made the process even less expensive and faster.

Presenter: Chang Liu, Professor, UCI Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Class Presentation: ccl-continuing-education-lecture

Professor Liu’s research is in the field of synthetic biology, chemical biology, and directed evolution using advanced, genetic engineering methods. He earned his Ph.D. at The Scripps Research Institute.

Wednesday, January 18: Synthetic Biology.  What is Synthetic Biology? We will explore this concept through examples of some of the many ways research into genes and mechanisms of natural organisms are used to create cost-effective products that benefit mankind.

Presenters: Nancy DaSilva, PhD, CalTech; Sheryl Tsai, PhD, UC Berkeley;

Alon Gorodetsky, PhD, CalTech; Chang Liu, PhD, Scripps, UC Berkeley

Class Presentations: 



Developers: Phil Friedel, Vern Roohk


Wednesdays, January 4, 11 and 18

2:00 – 4:00 PM


The Irvine Station-Onken

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