SS 308 DEMOCRACY AND EMPIRE: Hellenistic Greece from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra VII. Class presentation available.

Hellenistic Greece from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra VII

This course will explore the history, culture, and art of post-classical Greek antiquity, focusing on the period between two of the most studied and renowned figures of the ancient world: Alexander the Great and Cleopatra VII. We will learn and analyze how the ancient world changed with Alexander and his successors, emphasizing the political, social, and cultural transformations; changes in the religious landscape; and formation of the state.  We will also discuss the legacy of the Hellenistic world as an integral part of our intellectual heritage.

Presenter: Andromache Karanika,

Associate Professor of Classics, UC Irvine. Professor Karanika received her Ph.D. at Princeton and has published numerous articles on Homer, women’s oral tradition, lament, pastoral poetry, and, recently, the treatment of Homer in Byzantine literature. She is the author of Voices at Work: Women, Performance, and Labor and also co-authored a textbook on Modern Greek.  She is currently working on a book of wedding songs and poetics and the interactions of lyric and epic. She teaches a wide range of courses at UC Irvine from ancient mythology and history to medical humanities and the Humanities Core Curriculum.

March 2 Class Presentation:

Democracy and Empire In Greek Antiquity – the HELLENISTIC World

March 9 Class Presentation:

SS 308 Democracy and Empire Part2


Timothy Deal


Thursdays, March 2 and 9

1:30 – 3:30 PM


The Irvine Station-Onken


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