FIT (Facilitators in Touch) Mail

FIT (Facilitators in Touch) Mail

from OLLI at UCI

Welcome to FIT Mail, our monthly communication to our wonderful and important facilitators to keep you up to date on changes, reminders and additional information. Look for your FIT Mail the 1st Friday of each month. Thank you for all you do to support the on-going success and smooth running of OLLI.

Meet Your Facilitator Trainers

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Click the link below to open and view the monthly FIT Mail.

FIT Mail – October 2018

FIT Mail – September 2018

FIT Mail – June 2018

FIT Mail – May 2018

FIT Mail – April 2018

FIT Mail – March 2018

FIT Mail – February 2018

FIT Mail – January 2018

FIT Mail – November 2017

FIT Mail – October 2017

FIT Mail – September 2017

FIT Facilitators in Touch Mail – May 2017

FIT Facilitators in Touch Mail – April 2017

FIT (Facilitators in Touch) Mail – March 2017

FIT Facilitators In Touch Mail-February-2017

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