About Us

The Bernard Osher Foundation

In 1977, respected businessman, philanthropist and community leader Bernard Osher established the Bernard Osher Foundation. Supporting higher education around the country, the Foundation seeks to improve quality of life by providing post-secondary scholarships, educational institutions, integrative medicine programs and lifelong learning institutes throughout the country.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

In 1997, the University of Southern Maine created Senior College, a higher learning institution made up of active and ambitious lifelong learners over the age of 50. After a generous grant from the Bernard Osher Foundation in 2001, Senior College was renamed the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and, thus, OLLI was born. OLLI is now affiliated with 117 colleges and universities across the nation with a national resource center located at the University of Southern Maine.


Elsewhere in 1997, a small group of adult learners collaborated with University Extension at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) to form the Academy of Lifelong Learning. After receiving its first grant from the Bernard Osher Foundation in 2003, the Academy became part of the growing OLLI network and branded itself OLLI at UCI.

OLLI at UCI currently maintains 700 volunteer workers, presenters, and participants.  The organization is proud to deliver over 65 intellectually stimulating courses each semester—something for every interest.  In addition to courses, OLLI at UCI members have exclusive access to field trips, which compliment classroom lectures and may consist of architecture, museum and artist studio tours.  Members are encouraged to attend lecture series hosted by the UC Irvine Medical School, the UC Irvine Social Science Forum, and play production courses within the UC Irvine Drama Department. 

Members are also invited to join the University’s prestigious University Club, located on campus.  All club dues and fees are waived for OLLI at UCI members attending University Club events.  Membership privileges include University Forum Speakers during lunch on Wednesdays, monthly special events, and reduced room rental rates for catered affairs.


Welcome to OLLI at UC Irvine: Fall 2011

Welcome back to continuing OLLI members and greetings to new (and prospective) members! We are pleased to present the course and enrollment catalog for the Fall 2011 semester of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UC Irvine. 

For those less familiar with OLLI at UC Irvine, our mission is to provide people age 50 and above the opportunity to learn about subjects that interest them. The program doesn’t burden students with a workload — taking tests and worrying about grades or preparing for a career (most have “been there, done that”) – simply learning for the sake of learning. 

We are adults with wide-ranging interests in history, literature, the natural and social sciences, fine arts and special events. Courses are selected by our curriculum committees on the basis of member requests, the expertise of class leaders, variety and balance. OLLI instructors are a mix of peer teachers, UC Irvine professors, graduate students, independent scholars and community experts.  You are sure to find something to appeal to you, whether it introduces you to something new, or continues to expand your interest in something familiar. 

In addition to this great line-up of courses, the Fall Forum at the University Club continues in the able hands of Julie Hume. She has assembled a wonderful group of speakers and topics. The Forum begins on Wednesday, October 5, and our members are always welcome. Check the schedule listed in this catalog for your Wednesday luncheon and learning pleasure. 

A team of more than 100 dedicated volunteers, vital to our grass-roots efforts, developed and coordinated over sixty courses and events for our members.  Special thanks to all of those involved. If OLLI is an important part of your life – make a commitment this year to add your name to our list of dynamic volunteers. Enjoy learning for the sake of learning.

 Pam McGovern, President BOD

OLLI Woodbridge Office
Hours 9am–2pm, Monday–Friday

Board of Directors
President Pam McGovern
Vice President, Administration Pat Linehan
Vice President, Membership Jnana Anderson
Vice President, Programs Jessie Tromberg
Treasurer Sherri Nussbaum
Secretary Nila Kyser
Director, Assessment and Planning Harry Levy
Director, Volunteer Coordinator Elaine Satin
UCI Extension Liaison Harriet Whitmyer
OLLI Office Staff Karen McKenzie
Barbara Barone
Curriculum Chairs/Program Committee
Course Scheduling Cindy Eddleman
Facilities Scheduling Joan Fletcher
Arts and Humanities Judy Gould
Meredith Cheston
Anne DeWitt
Sue Fromkin
Science/Math John Bush
George Hume
Social Sciences Jonathan Weil
Mary Lou Sortais
Special Events Molly White
SE Treasurer Molly White
Newsletter Editor Jim Semelroth
Curriculum Editors Anne Dewitt
Marj Besemer
Carol Compton
Mary Lou Sortais


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