Photo Album

View photos from different OLLI events. OLLI keeps all our photos on an internet site called

You may gain access to our Photo Albums on SnapFish. Just complete the information under “Leave a Reply” located at the end of this article. The Name and Email boxes must be filled in. And, be sure to type in the Comment section that you are requesting the SnapFish login information. Finally, click on “Submit Comment.”

We will email back to you the SnapFish login information.

How do I log into SnapFish to view the photos?

1. Once you receive the Login information, go to:

2. Click on the word Login located in the top, right corner of SnapFish.

3. Enter the email address and the password and click the Log In button.

4. Go to Your Recent Albums.

5. Double click on the Photo Album you wish to view.

6. Click on Slideshow.

3 Responses

  1. please send snapfish log in information
    thank you
    bobi keenan



    Passcode: OLLI2009 (Must be in all upper case letters.)


  3. Dear Gerry,

    Password: OLLI2009


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