OLLI at UCI offers a variety of involvement options. When you join as a member, you can participate in classes, special events, Club OLLI, Travel Talks and more. Also available are a wide range of volunteer opportunities.

How Can I Support OLLI?

Member participation in OLLI at U. C. Irvine sustains our ability to offer exciting courses and events at a reasonable cost. What can YOU do to assure our success?  Here is a listing of the type of opportunities that OLLI offers its members. If you have a skill or idea that isn’t listed, let us know.  We need your help!


  • Serve on one of the Curriculum Committees
  • Become a Developer of a course
  • Offer ideas for courses and /or travel
  • Edit course descriptions
  • Edit final catalog copy
  • Become a facilitator for a course


  • Serve on the Finance Committee
  • Assist in the management of budget issues


  • Serve on the committee
  • Explore ideas to increase OLLI’s revenue
  • Assist in the planning of fundraising events


  • Serve on the Membership Committee
  • Assist in planning of New Member Coffees
  • Offer ideas for Open House
  • Provide ways to connect with new members


  • Offer technical assistance for facilitators
  • Train facilitators in use of technical equipment for class presentations
  • Assist in alphabetizing membership forms (twice a year)
  • Clerical help: copying forms, stuffing donor letters (twice a year)
  • Telephoning members to complete documentation of enrollment forms


  • Serve on the Newsletter Committee
  • Be a reporter, photographer
  • Contribute copy for the monthly newsletter


  • Work with the Director of Outreach to seek areas of collaboration with various community agencies and groups with similar purposes
  • Coordinate OLLI publicity to increase recognition of organization

Academic Liaison

  • Become a member of the committee that will reacquaint key UCI faculty and staff with OLLI, seeking potential presenters

Course Developer

  • Serve on a Curriculum Committee

(Arts & Humanities; Science/Math/Technology, Social Sciences, Special Events)

  • Develop a new course for OLLI

Course Facilitator

  • Serve with one other OLLI member to welcome the presenter, greet the students, maintain class roster, hand out & collect forms, and attend a facilitator training class.
  • Become the Technician that assists the Presenter to use OLLI equipment in a smooth manner.


  • Assist in planning for Annual Meeting in May; New Member Coffee (Sept/Feb); Open House (Aug/Jan).

Ready to Volunteer or Have More Questions About Volunteer Opportunities?

Send an email to olli@uci.edu, or call 949-451-1403.

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